Our certifications

Nature's best for the best products. Under this slogan, Oleofinos works every day to achieve great realities that give as result important certifications. Know them.

oleofinos-nuestras-certificaciones RSPO

Food Safety System Certification 22000-Version 4.1.
We have achieved this Food Safety System of international recognition which is qualified as the highest standard in quality and safeness for food manufacturing, ranging from supply to distribution.

Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)
RSPO membership number: 2-0128-09-000-00
Partnership born with the aim of promoting the growth and use of palm oil products in a sustainable manner through global standards and the participation of the actors involved with actions aimed at the development of communities, flora and fauna of the region.

Through this certification, we manage our activity in labor rights, health, safety, environment and business ethics for the best commercial practices.

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Clean Industry
Certificate granted by the Federal Office for Environmental Protection (PROFEPA) that demonstrates the efficiency in the production processes, the compliance of the law and the implementation of good environmental practices, reducing the negative impact that our own operation can bring to the environment in which we develop.

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Self-Management Program in Occupational Safety and Health (PASST) by the Labor Department
Voluntary incorporation bill aimed at reducing and preventing accidents and diseases in workplaces based on national and international standards.

Quality control system for the revision of food according to the Jewish ritual and whose meaning is determined by a set of prewritten religious criteria that seek to establish a regime that benefits the body and the soul.

Set of practices permitted by the Muslim religion for the production of acceptable food under Islamic law: in order for the food to be considered Halal, it must comply with the regulations contained in the Koran. These products take into account not only the ingredients that were used for their production but also certain requirements in the manufacturing process.

Rainforest Alliance
It is a rigorous set of environmental, social and economic criteria that promote sustainability in plantations around the world. In our plant in Chinameca, Veracruz we have this certification that is used to demonstrate the adequate production of our Palm Kernell Oil (PKO), indicating compliance with the standards under the principles of: biodiversity conservation, human welfare, conservation of natural sources and effective planning .