Oil is only the beginning.

Industrializadora Oleofinos S.A. De C.V. is a Mexican company founded in the late 70's by Eng. José Luis Pérez Martínez. It is part of GRUPO OLEOMEX, which is a conglomerate of twelve major world-class companies.

Oleofinos is born in order to create more nature friendly products, starting with the production of coconut oil. Later it diversified it's processes, contributing a great percentage in generating fats, oils, soaps and ingredients for animal nutrition nationwide.

Oleofinos has achieved a wide coverage in the Mexican market, Central and parts of South America, at a time that is making inroads into the US market.

The technology, production capacity and the quality of our products make Oleofinos a company committed to our customers, as well as taking care of the environment and health.

In short?
We serve important sectors that include bakery and cookies, cheese and dairy products, fried foods, fried corn tortillas, corn chips and snacks, baby formula, flour tortillas, canned foods, cereals, confectionery and chocolates, instant soups, chemical industry, ice cream and restaurants.