Changes the fragrance, color and laundrosil (color dots that help to wash)

You can find the following product versions:

Fabric Softener: All our soaps, but especially this one prevents the hardening of fabric after squeezing and drying clothes.

Aloe Vera (plant name): It has the properties of aloe that protects the skin, antiseptic and bactericidal.

High Power: Contains ingredients to remove blood, wine, grass, spinach. Excellent for removing dirt on collars and cuffs.

Baby: Pleasant fragrance in baby clothes and ideal complement to the line of baby accessories. Hypoallergenic for baby clothes and sensitive skin.

Classic: The scent of a lifetime. Clean clothes. Good foaming and performance.

Product versions:
• 200 g (.45 lbs)
• 350 g (.77 lbs)
• 400 g (.88 lbs)