Green Compromise

We take care of and celebrate nature.

Grupo Oleomex is seeking the RSPO certification, so it works with the principle of environmental responsability, conservation of human resources and biodiversity.

We present to you several ponts that join forces to achieve this:

• Extraction processes of the palm are sustainable.

• We have boiler equipment in which the residue of the palm fruite is the source of energy and combustion, thus diminishing the use of fuel and the waste is almost zero.

• We are currently working in the innovation of the oxidation pond system to achieve the 100% water reutilization.

• Under a bio-gas system, it is allowed to use the residual methane gas.

• Oleopalma de México takes care of flora and fauna of the region, and acts under international standards, and with ISO 14001 provides compliance with environmental objects and policies.