Tecnology of enzimatic Interesterification

We revolutionized the way to get fats and lards

The Enzymatic Interesterification is a proces where there is an exchange of position of fatty acids between triglycerides and is considered as the healthiest alternative to hydrogenation, providing specific functionality and melting points to fats.

Now we offer Enzymatic Interesterification technology that revolutionizes the way to obtain fats and lards to meet the parameters, needs and current regulations.

The Enzymatic Interesterification used in Oleofinos is the most modern method in the industry of oils and fats.


This enzymatic process is considered the most natural way to make the physical modifications to vegetable oils and fats, avoiding the handling of chemical catalysts and achieving that we can improve the search for healthy nutritional developments.

Also, we obtain fats low in saturated without generating transisomerisms (trans fatty acids)


The deodorization is a destilation process perfomed under vacuum and high temperatures, which is used to remove by evaporation the impurities that give oils bad odor and taste.


-Oils with a very low level of free fatty acids.
-Zero peroxide value.
-Elimination of oils taste and odors.
-It diminishes the denaturalization of vitamins, as well as the polymerization of oils and creating trans isomers.
-Higher retention of natural antioxidants unlike other more aggressive processes.

Currently in Oleofinos we have the latest technology to carry out this process which helps to produce purer and more complete oils for the consumer and more importantly: without generating trans isomers that due to high temperatures and high resistance times are generated in a conventional deodorizer.