Palm olein oil

Palm olein is the lighter fraction of African Palm Oil. It is an extremely stable oil with a very neutral flavor. Among its most used application is for frying food, because it is an oil that naturally provides a structure of high stability that delays oxidation, giving a longer shelf life to products prepared with it oil and a very neutral flavor that highlights the own characteristics of food. It is also used to replace butyric fat in dairy industry, infant formula, cereals, snacks and fried food manufacturing in general.

By the own characteristics of its fatty acids, this oil reduces the formation of filth and/or undesirable compounds during the frying process , which among other things improves nutrition and cleaning of equipment.

Product versions
• Bulk of 30 and 50 t (33 and 55 US t)
• Buckets of 17 kg (37.5 lbs)
• Bag in box 18 kg
• 180 kg barrel (397 lbs)