Oleofinos announces that we will be using Starling satellite technology to monitor deforestation throughout its Mexican palm oil supply chain.

Starling, a tool developed by Airbus and Earthworm Foundation, allows companies to monitor the impact within the supply chain, combining cutting-edge monitoring technology with internal experience and market knowledge, enabling users to take action and drive change.

The overall goal of Starling is to protect forests; but as Oleofinos, we foremost need to understand deforestation within the Mexican supply. Starling will provide Oleofinos data regarding this matter in such a way that by gaining and understanding what their suppliers are doing and how they are doing it, Oleofinos will be able to count with a base forest map and establish clear best practice expectations for suppliers regarding agricultural expansion.

oleofinos monitoreo
Starling monitoring verifies compliance with these expectations and the measures taken in case of non-compliance. The main objective is to support the transition to palm oil free from deforestation and thus help transform the industry in Mexico. Starling can play an important role in this. This project is in turn a continuation of Starling´s use by an initiative in conjunction with clients back in 2009, which is used to monitor 240,000 hectares of land in southern México and protect forest land.