Customized solutions

Within Oleofinos there is INNDO, the Department of Innovation and Development in charge of carrying out projects based on identified needs, where the technical support and talented staff support are at the order of the day.

What does INNDO offer?

- We ensure the customer product functionality in development through simulated laboratory test, providing high reproducibility at ground level thus minimizing the risk of failure.
- We validate the relationship between analytical results and its functionality, operability and sensory expectations.
- We determine the best specification range in which the product is 100% functional and we suggest specifications that meet applicability, functionality and cost.

Business' units

There are three and support with high responsiveness capacity to different market segments:

- Food (Bakery, confectionery, snacks, food service, nutraceuticals and dairy)

- Home and personal care (soap, base paste for soap, laundry soap and liquid detergent)

- Animal-nutrition (bypass fat).