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Sustainable Palm Oil Supply Policy Industrializadora Oleofinos S.A. de C.V.


Oleofinos is a company dedicated to the refining of palm oil for supply to industries in the food sector, preparation of milk formulas and personal care. Sustainable palm oil is a nutritious raw material whose production, among vegetable oils, is the most efficient in terms of soil use.

Policy Framework
Oleofinos's main commitment is sustainability to promote in all direct and indirect actors in the supply chain, customers, shareholders, joint ventures and suppliers, NDPE, No Deforestation, No development in mobs and Non-exploitation policies, in addition to maintaining as a base the Principles and Criteria (PyC RSPO) on which it is founded. Oleofinos' sustainable palm oil supply policy is designed to boost market development, focusing on stopping deforestation, protecting and prohibiting the conversion of all peatlands, and improving practices for managing existing peatlands, promoting a positive economic and social impact of people and communities, as well as ensuring the traceability of the origin of palm oil throughout its supply chain from the plantations, through the collection centers, as well as the extraction mills.

Oleofinos is committed to prohibiting deforestation, destruction, contamination and / or impacts in protected areas, as well as conserving biodiversity, making efficient use of natural resources in its supply chain, prohibiting logging and the use of burning or use of Fire on agricultural practices in our supply chain, create a positive impact for workers, farmers and local communities. As a result, Oleofinos has committed to making all of the palm oil used traceable to the identified sources.

Principles of sustainable palm oil
1. Palm oil suppliers of Oleofinos must demonstrate the implementation or deployment of a traceability system in order to provide evidence of the origin of the plantations, where it is shown that they are not taking natural reserves or protected areas for palm oil plantations, without any developing at High Conservation Value (HCV) zones or High Carbon Stock (HCS) forest and using HCSA methodology (according to http://highcarbonstock.org/the-high-carbon-stock-approach/).

2. Oleofinos palm oil suppliers must have a quality system that ensures that the processes are traceable (followed) consistently, in the same way, establishing best practices in their plantations, as a policy of new plantations, respect to buffer zones, wastewater treatment, mitigation and management of greenhouse gases (GHG), in addition to an action plan or Road Map in the short, medium and long term that demonstrates the commitments and sustainability goals that it has (see Road Map Oleofinos).

3. Palm oils suppliers must subscribe a supply contract with Oleofinos.

4. Oleofinos does not employ child labor and prohibits within its supply chain, human trafficking, displacement and forced labor, discrimination, as established in the Federal Law to Prevent and Eliminate Discrimination (LFPED) of March 2014 , any act of violence, aggression in work and word, harassment of any kind according to the Collective Agreement of the International Labor Organization (ILO) and the applicable Mexican laws, adhering to the Federal Labor Law. Oleofinos we are committed within its supply chain to respect diversity, maintain a safe work environment, concerned about the integrity and occupational health of its employees, dignified and productive, a decent salary and working hours and in accordance with the applicable law of the country corresponding, we respect the 30 articles of Human Rights as established in the Universal Declaration of 1948.

5. Respect and recognition for the rights of all workers.

6. Respect for land tenure rights.

7. Respect for the rights of indigenous and local communities, to grant or deny their Free Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC), about palm expansion plans in lands over which they have legal, communal or customary rights.

8. We are committed to facilitating the integration of small producers in our supply chain and within our own operations and chain there is freedom of association.

9. Resolve conflicts and valid claims through an open, transparent and consultative process.
PQR System Status
Sustainability Report 2019
Road Map

Complying with corporate platforms of safety, quality and innovation we reiterate our fundamental commitment to abide with the provisions mentioned in the 8 RSPO principles applied in our daily activities strengthening our business strategy in the different divisions of our organization.

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